AIR Precision

Quality, Competitiveness, Reliability

Our accreditation to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard is fundamental to our production and management processes. We provide full traceability from delivery into stock, through preparation, machining and finishing until delivery to the Customer. We maintain internal quality plans and analysis to ensure consistency, we use pokayoke devices to eliminate error and we measure our performance as a means to continuous improvement.

AIR Engineering has purchasing agreements with leading local and national suppliers to ensure competitive materials costing. Our production processes are regularly revisited to eliminate waste wherever possible and products are assessed for value engineering.

Our plant and equipment is modern, well maintained and suitable to meet Customers requirements. Our Capacity List includes the latest CNC machining centre and multi axis sliding lead lathe with live tooling. All CNC equipment is networked through CAD / CAM to provide for offline programming. We also have a range of traditional tool room equipment. Further investment will each be considered on its business merits.

With our fleet of delivery vehicles, we can ensure that we provide just-in-time delivery either discrete, by schedule or kanban. Delivery to more remote Customers is entrusted to reliable timed delivery contractors.

Business Certification Services

We offer Quality, Competitiveness and Delivery
ISO 9001 with full traceability and quality performance measurement Competitiveness, reliability and flexible approach Value added – components, fabrication, assembly and finishes